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29 Vincent Ave
Stamford, CT 06905

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  • Java JDK (6), J2EE (3), Server-side (6), Servlets (4), Java Beans (3), JSP (2), EJB (1), JMS (1), JUnit (2), JDom (1), Log4J (2), Apache Ant (2), Apache Struts (1), Apache Taglibs (1)
  • Appservers Weblogic (3), Tomcat (2), JBoss (1), Resin (1), JRun (1), IPlanet (Kiva) (1), Oracle Appserver (1), NetDynamics (2), WebObjects (1)
  • Code Java (6), SQL (11), XML (3), XSL (1), HTML (6), Javascript (1), C++ (5), C (5), Pascal (1)
  • Webservers Apache (6), Netscape (2)
  • DB Oracle (6), Sybase (9), Informix (1), MS Sql Server (2), Access (2), MySql (1)
  • OS Solaris (11), Linux (4), NT (7), HPUX (1), IRIX (2), DEC (1), DOS (2), SCO (1), Mac (1)
  • Tools JBuilder (2), TogetherJ (1), UML (1), CVS (8), Perforce (2), Extreme Programming (2)


  • Media: Mp3 locker, Co-branding framework, Hollywood Stock Exchange
  • E-commerce: E-commerce supermarket+, Supply chain and logistics system for supermarket
  • Finance: Equity analysis app, Fund management app, Cash management app, Technical equity analysis tools, Analyst ' evaluation app, Hollywood Stock Exchange (equities/bonds), Insurance & re-insurance refund reserve system
  • Telecom/ISP: Billing system, Content management system, Real-time line error analysis app/database (5ESS switches), Data mining tools, WAP-compatible supermarket
  • Marketing/Research: Hollywood market research site, Website analysis app, Advertising effectiveness tools, Ad server app
  • Automotive: Automobile parts configurator, Vehicle auction database
  • Other: Search engine for website


IMO Media, New York, NY
Consultant, Advertising platform architect (Jun 2009 - present)
RBS Sempra Commodities, Stamford, CT
Consultant, Senior Java Developer (Jan 2009 - June 2009)
Arcat, Milford, CT
Consultant, UI Architect (July 2008 - present)
Merrill Lynch, New York NY
Consultant, Senior Java Developer (May 2005 - June 2009)
Bank of America, New York NY
Consultant, Senior Java Developer (Jan 2004 - May 2005)
MTS, New York NY
Consultant, Senior Java Developer (Feb 2003 - Dec 2003)
Foodtec Solutions, Boston, MA
Consultant, Senior Java Developer (June 2002 - 2003)
Foodtec produces Pizza Director, a java Swing-based application managing point-of-sales functionality necessary for pizzerias.

The reporting architecture was designed to separate data services from presentation services. Also, report objs/interfaces were used as adapters to allow similar data and business logic to be presented to both Swing and web display. Complex queries were designated to a data view service layer which allowed for easier abstraction of common logic, less duplication of code, and centralization for performance tuning. The data view layer rested upon a proprietary legacy jdbc facade. The overall design included an approach to summary trending data facilitated by nightly data accumulation tasks.

  • Designed/developed Reporting Architecture and reports
  • Designed/developed data view architecture
Java, J2SE 1.4.0, J2EE 1.2.1, Swing, XML; Oracle 8i; Win2000; Perforce, CVS, Make.
Orpheus Design, London, UK - Brooklyn, NY
CTO/Founder (ongoing)
Orpheus Design is a consulting company owned by Chris Butler. Chris spent time developing java toolkits and application components for two startups he is involved with. The projects are currently under NDAs, although architecturally are based on clean partitioning of application services and a MVC model for presentation.

  • Design and develop backend of
  • Designed/developed Contracting Toolkit
Java, J2SE 1.4, J2EE 1.2, Servlets, Swing, JSP, XML, EJB, JMS; Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic; Apache Webserver; Apache Struts, Ant, Log4J, JDom; Oracle 9, PostgreSql, mySql; Linux, Win2000; Perl 5, Perforce, CVS;
Unsurface (Sony Music), San Francisco, CA
Consultant, Senior Java Developer (Nov 2000 - Jun 2001)
The Unsurface site allowed users to upload, buy, and manage their mp3 collection online.

A MVC model 2 approach was used for the presentation framework, which was based upon Apache Struts. MVC implies a clean separation of presentation (view) from the controller (action) and core model. Internationalization was inherent to the design and all locale related objects were relegated to a resource bundle. The app was deployed using the most current J2EE stds.

Note: Chris moved to London, UK March 2001 and continued to work for Unsurface from abroad. In June 2001 he left to pursue personal recording projects. Several of his recordings from that time period have been released with distribution in UK, Europe, Japan, and USA. Unsurface was acquired by Sony Music in June 2001, and reincorporated into the parent company.

  • Responsible for Presentation Architecture (JSP/Struts)
  • Architected/implemented co-branding approach
  • Advised on technical e-commerce strategy
Java, J2SE 1.3.0, J2EE 1.2.1, JSP, Servlets, XML, JMS, JAXP, Xerces, Xalan, JUnit, Log4J, Apache Ant, Apache Struts 1.0, Weblogic 6.0, Resin, Tomcat 3.2; Oracle 8i; Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Win2000; Apache Webserver; JBuilder, UML, TogetherJ; Perforce, CVS, Perl 5.
Volendo, Milan, Italy
CTO (Jan 2000 - Sep 2000) is an e-commerce and supply chain management website for an online supermarket, wine, pharmacy, pet supplies, and flower store.

Volendo was architected with a MVC approach to data services and presentation. XML/XSL provides the presentation layer while business logic was encapsulated in a middle tier and a data services layer provides persistence for core model objects. As Volendo worked with a great variety of vendors, complex distributed supply chain and logistics management was implemented to manage inventory, pricing, and delivery of goods. The XML/XSLT approach provided an easy infrastructure for making the site WAP compatible.

  • Responsible for all tech services within company
  • Architected E-commerce site
  • Architected Supply Chain and Logistics mgmt
  • Delivered version 1.0 website release on time and 60% under budget within short timeframe
Java, J2SE 1.3, J2EE 1.2.1, Servlets, XML, XSL, Xerces, JUnit, Log4J, Apache Ant, JRun (Allaire), Tomcat; Oracle 8i; Solaris, Linux, Win2000; Apache Webserver; CVS, Perl 5, Extreme Programming.
Evite, San Francisco, CA
Consultant, Site Analysis / Reporting (Dec 1999) is an online invite management system in which users can send invitations to personal email lists and recipients can respond via web.
  • Designed Reporting Architecture (Oracle, Java)
  • Coached management about data value and usage
Java, J2SE 1.2.x, JSP, Servlets 2.2; Oracle 8i; Solaris; Apache Webserver;
Autodaq, San Mateo, CA
Consultant, DB Architect / Senior Java Developer (Oct 1999 - Dec 1999) is an online used auto auction for authorized car vendors.
  • Designed/developed entire System Database
  • Designed/developed Automobile Configurator
Java, J2SE 1.2.x, Servlets 2.2, Weblogic 5.x, JMS, XML; Oracle 8i; Solaris; Apache Webserver; CVS, Perl 5, Extreme Programming.
Outside Magazine, San Francisco, CA
Consultant, Site Redesign (Jun 1999 - Sep 1999)
Outside Magazine is a periodical focusing on outdoor sports, gear and related stories.
  • Developed Migration Tools to speed site reformat(Perl)
  • Developed bug fixes, enhancements for existing software
  • Designed technical production process
Perl 5, CVS; Linux; Apache Webserver.
HP DTF (HP Designing The Future), San Francisco, CA
Consultant, Search Engine (Mar 1999 - May 1999) (moved/integrated)
HP Designing the Future is a division of Hewlett Packard dedicated to their most cutting edge technologies. HP needed a custom tool for searching their page structure, which was based on Apache fragments. A quick search engine was developed using standard search syntax.
  • Developed site Search Engine incorporating Apache fragments (Perl)
  • Developed bug fixes, enhancements for existing software
  • Solely responsible for end product
Perl 5, mod_perl, Apache fragments, CVS; WinNT, Solaris; Apache Webserver.
HSX (Hollywood Stock Exchange), Santa Monica, CA
Consultant, Market Research (Feb 1999 - Mar 1999)
HSX is a stock exchange game/simulation based on the commoditizing of Hollywood-based assets, such as actors and movies. HSX required a market research site, database, and reports for an exclusive website for studio executives.
  • Designed/developed Market Research Reporting site
  • Solely responsible for end product
Java, J2SE 1.2.x, Netdynamics; Oracle 8i; Solaris, WinNT; Netscape Webserver; CVS, Perl 5.
Activespace, San Francisco, CA
CTO (Jan 1999 - Apr 1999)
Activespace was dedicated to bringing simplified data management and databases to the web. The product was a flexible web database similar to FileMaker, complete with drag and drop report creation via complex javascript. The company was sold to an integration firm in 2000.
  • Designed and developed Core Component Architecture for beta site
  • Co-wrote business plan submitted to MIT Entrepreneurial contest
Perl 5, CVS; Sybase 11; Linux, WinNT; Apache Webserver;
Clearstation, San Francisco, CA
Consultant, E-commerce / Reporting (Mar 1998 - Jun 1998)
Clearstation is a financial website dedicated to the technical analysis of equity trending.
  • Designed/developed Site Analysis Reporting System
  • Designed/developed E-commerce Infrastructure
  • Developed Equity Technical Analysis functionality
  • Developed website Community Tools
C++, C, Perl 5, CVS; Sybase 11.5; Cybercash; Solaris, WinNT; Apache Webserver;
HSX (Hollywood Stock Exchange), Santa Monica, CA
CTO (Jun 1997 - Mar 1998)
  • Responsible for all tech services within company
  • Architected and developed Stock Exchange
  • Delivered version 1.0 website release on time/budget within short timeframe
Java, JDK 1.2.x, JDK 1.1, Netdynamics, Servlets; Perl 5, CVS; Informix, Oracle 7.3.4; Netgravity Adserver (now Dart); Solaris, WinNT; Netscape Webserver.
PacBell Internet, San Francisco, CA
Consultant, Marketing / Billing (Nov 1996 - Jun 1997)
  • Designed/developed Content Publishing System
  • Designed/developed Advertising Effectiveness Software
  • Designed/developed System Status Monitoring Software for ISP solo
  • Re-designed and developed online Customer Billing System
  • Prototyped apps for Java Appserver Evaluation
Java, JDK 1.1.x, Oracle Appserver; Kiva (IPlanet); Kiva (IPlanet), Oracle Appserver, NetDynamics, WebObjects; Perl 4, CVS; Oracle 7.3.2; Solaris; Netscape Webserver.
Wired Digital (HotWired), San Francisco, CA
Consultant, Market Research / DB Architect (Jan 1996 - Aug 1996)
  • Designed/developed HotStats Market Research intranet site
  • Re-designed/developed Hotwired System Database
  • Designed/developed HotBot Reporting Database
  • Designed/developed HotBot Ad Scheduler for
Java, JDK 1.0.x, AWT, Perl-Java DB module; Perl 4, Shell scripts, CVS; Sybase 11; IRIX, WinNT, Macintosh; Apache Webserver;
NSRS (National School Reporting Systems), Boston, MA
Consultant, DB Architect (Nov 1995 - Dec 1995)
  • Designed/developed Reporting Database Architecture
  • Implemented data export/import between dataservers
Borland C++, ODBC; Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Watcom Dataserver, MS Access; Windows NT;
Sodalia (Bell Atlantic/Telecom Italia), Trento, Italy
Consultant, Chief DB Architect (Apr 1995 - Oct 1995)
  • Designed/developed Telco Database Architecture
  • Developed Data import of 600GB/wk
  • Developed Real-time Data Analysis System
  • Taught development practices to junior developers
C++, Bourne shell, CVS; Sybase 10, CTLib, Sybase Replication Server, Distributed databases; HPUX (HP UNIX);
Fidelity Investments (FMRCO - Research), Boston, MA
Consultant, DB Architect / C++ Developer (Jan 1994 - Apr 1995)
  • Developed Fund Cash Management Database
  • Developed Nightly Feed Cycle System
  • Developed innovative StockView Database/Backend
  • Developed innovative FundView Database/Backend
  • Developed Analyst Evaluation Tool
C++, Motif 2.0, Perl 5, Bourne shell, CVS; Autosys; Sybase 10.x; Sun OS; Equity and Fund Analysis, Business analysis;
CTP (Cambridge Technology Partners), Cambridge, MA
Associate (Feb 1992 - Sep 1993)
Worked with Fortune 1000 companies to implement client-server systems.
  • Northrup - Aerospace, Parts Assembly System
  • BT - Telecom, Reporting System
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Travel, Reservation Confirmation
  • Washington National Insurance - Insurance, Financial Management
      Designed complex insurance refund reserve system with CFO.
C, Perl, Visual Basic, Bourne shell programming; Sybase 4.92, Sybase 4.2, Sybase OpenClient, SQR, Natural Language; Message handlers, telephone interface, PC fax software; SCO Unix, HP Unix, AIX.


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.S. June, 1991)
    B.S. Architectural Design. Studies in visual design/technology. GPA: 4.8/5.0
    Languages: Italian (v.good), French (college), Russian (some)
    Teaching: several tech and maths classes to children and teens
    Business plan: involvement in development/writing of several